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Art & Tradition Tours crafts unique journeys to the very heart of our city. From the ancient Roman pathways to the sacred halls of Vatican City, and the breathtaking hidden treasures beyond, We are devoted to create unique experiences unvealing the artistic and cultural heritage of Rome.

Our expert-guided tours showcase Rome’s celebrated landmarks, but also unveil its hidden treasures and footsteps, offering a vibrant mosaic of historical insights, cultural engagements, and authentic Italian experiences.

  • Mission, Art & Tradition

In 1898 the Former Palatine guard Lorenzo Savelli Sr opened a religious art store next to the Vatican City ahead of the Jubilee of 1900. The thing he wanted the most was to provide every pilgrim who was visiting the Holy See with the possibility to take home a keepsake from that once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Since then, the Savelli Group has continuously progressed, evolving the traditional activities into the digital environment and developing new activities.

Art & Tradition Tours is the Savelli Group incoming travel agency.

The mission since 1898 has not changed: the thing we want the most is to lead every visitor of Rome in a unique experience, in a mosaic of history, art and culture, that will create unforgettable memories to take home.


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